Huard NFRC Vice Chair for 2018


Daniel Huard, NFRC’s Vice Chair, Executive Committee Member and Governance Chair for 2017 has again been elected as the National Fenestration Rating Council’s (NFRC) Vice Chair 2018, NFRC Executive Committee 2018 and NFRC Governance Committee Chair 2018. The election of Huard to serve an additional one-year term as NFRC Vice Chair as well as NFRC Executive Committee and NFRC Governance Committee Chair were announced by NFRC in late January 2018. Huard who has served as a NFRC Board of Directors member since 2015 was as well elected by the NFRC membership to a 3-year term as a NFRC Board of Directors member for 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Daniel A. Huard, LEED FellowUSDOE200pxHuard has long been an advocate for increasing the efficiency and construction quality of building envelopes and in this regard was recently named to the US Department of Energy’s Building Envelope Team helping to ensure high quality standardized Building Envelope / Enclosure Commissioning is followed here in America. Huard is as well an ASHRAE Commissioning Process Management Professional and expert at Commissioning and Energy Audits as well. Recently when asked about Daniel’s contributions NFRC’s CEO, Deb Callahan provided “We are proud of Daniel’s accomplishment and respect his commitment to green building,” Deb Callahan followed with this perspective “His dedication and expertise are continually helping us improve our relevance among all our stakeholders.”

The election of Huard to these positions as NFRC Board of Directors – Vice Chair, NFRC Executive Committee and NFRC Governance Committee Chair align with Huard’s long term governance expertise in both for profit and non-profit organizations. Huard’s vast Governance and Board Service includes local, state, national and international roles in a variety of organizations where his strong planning, governance and leadership shills have been an asset to numerous domestic and international organizations.

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