Daniel A. Huard Presents at COP28 Dubai

On December 8th, 2023 Daniel A. Huard Presents at COP28 Dubai the “Hidden Carbon Footprint of Water” with other global sustainability experts. The COP28 Dubai session was organized by Ibrahim Kronofol, LEED Fellow a Design manager at DAR, and also featured Rock Ridolfi of Engineering Economics, Ayman Shahatah of Red Sea Development, Rabih El Fadel of Phyla Earth Limited and Erin Rowe of Northshore.

The distinguished participants via live presence and video-teleconference will share their experiences, observations and hopes for future engagement around the planet to see more responsible Water usage. Some of the topics to be covered will include Water Scarcity, the Energy – Water Nexus and as well as a deeper discussion with focus on the embodied carbon impacts of water as well as the way we use and consume water around the planet. The breadth of the discussions will cover numerous aspects from the collection, treatment and transportation of water through to water treatment, wastewater impacts, purple pipe water and even Data Center water use. The intent will as well share the various ways that water contributes to construction, buildings operations, our survival as well as the survival of the planet.

Daniel A. Huard, also a LEED Fellow and the 2023 Vice Chair of the GBCI Global LEED Fellow Selection Committee referred to globally as “The Godfather of Sustainability” will bring his very diverse background to the discussions. Daniel A. Huard Presents at COP28 Dubai is just another area where Huard’s contributions have benefited many over the last year. Huard a globally recognized authority has worked collaboratively on several continents to see the deployment of restorative and regenerative development, strategic planning to increase focus on ESG and in addition is a foremost expert on Carbon, its characterizations, the LCA inclusion of Carbon in Scope 1, 2, 3 and 4 impacts and the validation of Energy Efficiency Measures and qualification of Carbon Credits.